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ThornsComColOctober93Mr G Baker – Acting Principal

Welcome to Thorns Community College.  We are a warm and welcoming school with traditional values of courtesy and respect underpinning our strong curriculum and varied enhancement activities.

Those choosing a secondary school for the first time make perhaps the most complex and emotional decision a family faces.  You want to be certain that you choose a school that gains excellent qualifications of course, but that is just the starting point.  Schools are about so much more than examination results.  Having a strong sporting tradition; excellence within the arts, science or mathematics; and opportunities for student leadership, are all important features of preparing young people for the complex world that they face beyond school.  We have a range of leadership opportunities for students to become involved with, whether as mentor, prefect, parliament member or even head boy or girl.  All students are encouraged to take on a leadership role at some level throughout their time.

At Thorns we aim to provide opportunities for all of our students that enable them to flourish academically, personally and spiritually.  I firmly believe that the opportunity to succeed is a fundamental part of how schools should structure their activities.  After all, praise is never lost on children, no matter how small the success – we all thrive on being told when we have done well.

We place a strong emphasis upon the quality of our lessons and the activities designed for our students.  A day at Thorns should be varied, challenging and enjoyable.  Our Gifted and Talented students achieve consistently outstanding results – this year being no exception, and frequently go on to study at Russell Group Universities.  We are equally proud of our tradition of catering for students with special needs and include everyone within our definition of success. In February 2014 Ofsted gave us a platform from which to continue our improvement work which in turn was commended in late June by our HMI Inspector Mrs Mel Ford.  She wrote that our college is, “taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection.”  A copy of the full monitoring report, including our continuing areas for improvement, is available in the Ofsted section of this site.

Thorns Community College is also a member of The Stourbridge Educational Trust and the Stour Valley Collaborative.  For our staff that means that the very best educational practice amongst the four secondary schools and partner primary schools is shared through training courses; and for students, events like the TSET Olympics give our young people the chance to try sports such as fencing, climbing and lacrosse as well as more “main stream” events.  We look forward to defending the winners’ trophy next year.

Thorns is an ambitious school developing quickly. We want to provide the best education and the best experiences for our students.  In doing so we promote traditional values and offer a strong curriculum understood and valued by employers and sixth form colleges alike.Please take the time to come and visit us.  You will be very welcome.

Gary Baker
Acting Principal.

Latest News

14 March 2017

Art at the Zoo

Year 10 GCSE Art students today visited Dudley Zoo to gather primary resources for their current project ‘Zoomorphism’. They will now use the photographs that they have taken to complete paintings, prints and drawings where their portrait studies will morph into a chosen animal. We look forward to seeing the final pieces.

28 February 2017

Thorns in ‘Motion’

Yesterday afternoon, Thorns Dance students were, once again, treated to a helpful and inspiring workshop by two professional dance artists from the group Motionhouse. A wide variety of techniques were explored and rehearsed in what was a hugely enjoyable experience for all involved.

17 February 2017

Marketing Workshop

A selection of Thorns students met with a team of professional designers to discuss and formulate plans for a new Thorns brand. The main focus of the workshop was to develop ideas for a new Thorns logo. A productive, and constructive, afternoon was enjoyed by both our students and the design team. We look forward […]